Friday, August 16, 2013

2013. Philippines: Ferry with 700 People on Board Sinks After Collision with Ship

A ferry with nearly 700 people aboard sank near the central Philippine port of Cebu on Friday night after colliding with a cargo vessel, and a survivor said he saw bodies in the sea.
“It seems some were not able to get out. I pity the children. We saw dead bodies on the side, and some being rescued,” he said.
He said the ferry was entering the pier when the cargo vessel, which was on the way out, suddenly collided with the ship. He said he and other passengers jumped in front of the cargo vessel.
“One of the persons who jumped with us hit his head on metal. He is shaking and he is bloodied,” Agudong said.
He said the crew of the ferry distributed life jackets while the ship was slowly sinking.
He said the ferry came from Nasipit in Agusan del Sur province in the southern Philippines on a daylong journey.

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